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Hi, python Supermen, I got a pseudo code as described below. I am trying to make it works, but running is really slow. Please help to facilitate it if you dont mind.

The input table is as shown in attachment.

C = 0 (set of rep. points = empty)
for sj in S: (All GPS points involved in all trajectories)
 find points are within (4m) to sj & are  not represented by any rep. in C
 calculate the centroid c*1 of these points
 if no points are within (4m) to sj, then sj will represent itself (or marked as outlier/noise to be removed later)
 find points (k) are within (2m) to c*1
 for sk in k
  if sk is not represented
  assign sk to c*1
  if sk is represented by c*2 
  compare distances  dk1 & dk2
       if dk1 < dk2 
   assign sk to c*1 
        If all neighbors of sk are represented, then randomly choose sj from the remaining un-represented points
               Iterate until all sj are represented 

C stores all rep. point (structure: C:[Id, Pc_X, Pc_Y, dir, ncp:{all pts within 2m (less or equal to) of  c*i}] s) *