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How to "raise" selected feature in FeatureLayer

Question asked by mihkelo on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by mihkelo
I'm using jsapi v2.7 compact version. I have a FeatureLayer layer with lines features from REST service. Lines are quite messy, so there is basically one big haystack. If I select one line (not from map by mouse, but from list of items, with FeatureLayer.selectFeatures()), it will be highlighted, but it is not visible, because others lines a above highlighted line (see picture). If I unselect this line, then it shows above all others. Is it normal behavior? In OpenLayers, select is control and it is above all other layers. How to accomplish that selected feature is always above all others features?

selected feature (red, wider) is not visible, because all other features are above