Performance of a model differs between map documents.

Discussion created by barb_tms on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by ahaas02
I have a model that iterates through parcels in a feature layer.  The model features a lot of clipping, intersecting, statistics, calculating ,etc.  This model must be run in ArcMap, as the data sources are FEATURE LAYERS.  I had map Document1 open while developing the model.  When I ranthe model in Document1, it took approx 3.25 minutes to process one parcel.  Now, I have another map document, Document2 into which I have added all the same layers, pointing to the same data sources, all on my hard drive.  The workspace environments are identical in both documents. Coordinate environments are the same.  Using the same toolbox with identical pathname in both documents.  Running the same parcel in Document2 took 10.5 minutes.

Both documents were created in version 10, as is the toolbox.  I created an addon which will add all the layers into the document.  The one difference that I could see between the documents was how they were created.  I believe that Document1 was created while debugging the addon button.  Once I was satisfied that the button worked as it should, I saved the doucment before working on the model.  So this document was created after clicking the debug button from with VisualStudio 10 which initiates ArcMap.  I don't see how that could matter.  The idea was that each time a user needs to run the model they should use this button to insure that all the proper layers are included before running it, but the time difference is really bothersome, especially if the user has a large number of parcels to process.

Is there anything else I can check?  Any suggestions as to how I can get the same performance in Document2 as I get in Document1?  I'm stumped.  I'm attaching the geoprocessing results from each document.