Addressing Tool-ArcGIS Desktop v.10 Error Message

Discussion created by szubek on Mar 14, 2012

Since upgrading to ArcGIS v.10 we've had one significant issue. Our 911 addressing technician, who has a license for ArcInfo, has lost functionality of an addressing tool that was used with the version 9 releases. We thought it may have been a licensing issue and we have tried installing ArcGIS Desktop VBA Developer Resources on both the server and the tech's machine. It seems to take the license key, but we get an error message verbatim "Error in clsAddressingRoads_OnClick" when she tries to click on the GUIs on the toolbar. We have received the error message in the past... �??This document may contain VBA code but you don�??t have a VBA license�?� but this does not seem to be the issue.

The addressing tool was developed by a 3rd party and we have also considered that it could be an issue in the script code itself, hoping that this was not the case.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.