ArcMap 9.2 Conflict Display function crash while Reconciling

Discussion created by MMilos on Mar 9, 2012
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I have a problem with displaying conflicts whiile reconciling versions.
Reconciling goes ok, but when versions have conflicts, and when I try to display them, using the Conflict Display button, ArcMap crashes, and a standard Windows Error Report form appears. If I try applying one versions changes to another, without displaying conflicts, everything goes well, so the problem is not the reconciling process, but only displayng of conflicting situations.

I have attached a .jpg that displays what happens after clicking the button "Conflict Display"...might be helpfull.

This is what i could read from above mentioned Windows error report:

ModName: versionui.dll
fDebug: 0
Offset: 0000a3ab

This is my configuration:

ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 SP6
Database: ArcSDE 9.2 SP 6 on Oracle + patch
Client OS: Windows XP SP3 32 bit
Server OS: Windows Server 2003 R2

Any ideas what could this be?
Thanks in advance.