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Creating a shape file

Question asked by sghosh88 on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by fabriciovasselai
I had earlier posted this - where I wanted to know if there was a way to extract paths from an overlayed image in armap.

I thought about the problem and this is what I did -
- First overlayed the image in arcmap
- export it
- run some image processing algorithms to skeleton out the lines and extract them
- Convert them into a shape file

now to convert into shape file I need two things -
- say the corner coordinates of the image (this is shown while saving the picture - see attachment) but I couldn't make sense out of them. Are those latitude longitudes?
- how to create the shape file itself procedurally
  - I have thought about some ways to find coordinates (in image space) which belong to the skeleton lines
  - I am not sure how to convert them into arcgis space (i am in the wgs84 coordinate - but at the time of image save it shows 'Image Reference' as world_plate_carree - what is that?)
  - how to build the shape file itself from the coordinates?
    > I found out that it is possible to generate a kml file using the coordinates, then I can convert that into a shape file - is this the only possible way?

Please let me know any suggestions you have. I don't have much experience in using arc maps. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!