How To Check If Temporary Outputs Exist In ModelBuilder

Discussion created by Bandyman on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by Bandyman
Hey all,

  I have a question about some Modelbuilder syntax or capabilities.  I have a large model that uses If-Then-Else conditions using Calculate Value (Boolean) to decide whether to process a bunch of Extract by Attributes rasters from a subset of a state-wide raster.  The problem is, each of those off-shoot rasters needs to create some values at the end of the model that are then used in a final calculation.  If one of those values isn't created because of a False condition, it crashes the model.  I want to add some form of If-Then-Else where it checks to see if those values exist, and if not then to assign a zero value to the output which is used in the final calculation.

  Sorry for the confusing explanation, but this model is a beast!  Here is a screenshot of a hypothetical solution to my problem:


I'm running ArcGIS 10/Win 7 64-bit Pro.  Thanks in advance!