how to fire code only when editor first starts (and not when edits are saved/stopped)

Discussion created by ecohydrologist on Feb 23, 2012
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I think I must be missing something obvious and fundamental...

I need to know how to fire a procedure (Private sub LoadTableNameArrayFromDB) ONLY when an editing session begins.

I have tried:

  • Including a call to the procedure from editorevents_onstartediting which results in the procedure firing every time edits are saved or closed (not acceptable) as well as when an editing session begins.

  • Listening to "save edits" and "stop editing" actions and setting a boolean variable to true only if the user is stopping edits. My idea was that when this same boolean var was read in the editorevents_onstartediting in the next editing session, the procedure would fire appropriately. However the boolean variable value did not persist between edit sessions.
I am surely missing something obvious about gettting non-object, global variables to persist outside an edit session, since plenty of code is written outside editing sessions.

My customization is complete except for this issue. Please help! My customization includes 2 forms and 6 modules grouped by module actions (such as loading arrays, entry validation, data upload, database connection, etc) and is written in vba in ArcGIS 10 using an Oracle 10 sde geodatabase.