Connect middle of lines1 with lines2

Discussion created by scientist79 on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by jbarrette-esristaff
I have got a river network as a feature class in a gdb.

I need to calculate the topologic attributes via the connectivity graph of the river network. A graph-theoretic representation of river networks uses rivers as vertices and river junctions as links of a connectivity graph to understand the topology of river network (takes rivers as nodes and river intersections as links of a connectivity graph). It will give information about centrality of lines and also simplify the network.

In order to do this, I want to draw lines from the middle of each river branch to the middle of intersected higher order river. By this way, I can calculate the topological centrality of a river branch by using from-to node information.

When doing this manually, I draw a polyline from the middle of a river line to the middle of intersected higher order river line. Please help me to do this automatically by using Python script  or something else in ArcGIS 10. If I do it manually it will take too long because of the drainage density.