ArcMap 10: a dynamic hyperlink was created, but it won't launch to get the webpage!?

Discussion created by ScottChang25 on Feb 14, 2012
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Hi all,
I have a book "GISTUTORIAL1 for ArcGIS 10" (Basic Workbook) written by W. L. Gorr and K. S. Kurland (published by ESRI Press).
I finished Tutorial 2-6: Create a point map based on a definition query (Pages 71-76) and I am doing Tutorial 2-7: Create hyperlinks (Pages 77-78).  I have a dynamic hyperlink to set up in my scGorrTut2-6.mxd. But the Hyperlink button does not change from a yellow lightning bolt to a black lightning bolt, while I move the cursor over the "Harrisburg" capital point marker (see the attached file), and I can't launch a hyperlink to see the webpage of Harrisburg city gov.!!!  Please help and tell me why I can't get the "" appeared on my "scGorrTut2-6.mxd" map and the webpage of Harrisburg city gov. linked.
Scott Chang