Calculating volumes of sinks

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I know this topic has been up and about some times in the past, but my question differs somewhat from the earlier ones.

What I want to do is to find every sink with a volume greater than 10 cubic meters. And later on just those close to roads for road-flooding mapping. The method is called Blue Spot and can be found here:

I have detailed elevation data (0,5-1 point per 2sq m) and also converted from points to raster. I also have access to ortho photos, location of bridges and just about every thing you can imagine. But still I'm at a loss.
I have found the sinks and their watershed. But I don't know how to go on and calculating the possible volume of each sink.


As described in the picture there is several ways to think about the depth of the sink. What I need is the volume of the sink from the "blue spot lower height" to the "blue spot sink", ie the water surface (marked red).

Is there ANY way this is possible to do with AG 10, ArcInfo, Spatial Analyst and 3D-Analyst?
(in the summary report of Blue spot it says its possible, but I just can't figure out HOW)

Any help is greatly appricieated

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