Python Random.Sample does not seem that random

Discussion created by dbirkigt on Feb 7, 2012
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Hi, Please see the attached GIF image

I am trying to make a little tool to make random selections of features from feature classes by randomly selecting FIDs. What it does is:
1.Creates a python list of feature FIDs
2. Using the random.sample I draw a number of samples from my python list of FIDs, the number drawn is equivalent to what the user desires
3. This is then converted to a sql statement allowing a selection to be made and stored in a new feature class

I don't have trouble with my code, but the output does not seem to be that random, as the gif below shows

I have tried random.shuffle and other variations but seem to get a similar output.
Does anyone know anything about getting a better result, different method perhaps?
Right now I am working on some test data and my population is about 300 with a sample of 30.

Here is the part of my code that lists the FIDs and makes a selection
rows = arcpy.SearchCursor(InputToSample)
for row in rows:
    fidVal = row.getValue(FieldName)
#make a random selection
rndList = random.sample(fidList, numSample)