Can't find route when there are overlapping lines (which are valid)

Discussion created by jacquelinediaznieto on Feb 6, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by jacquelinediaznieto
I've constructed a network with overlapping lines - but the overlapping lines belong to different connectivity groups.
When I was testing the network - I realised that a route that I know is valid and should be identified - is not identied and in fact I get an error message that reads "Warning no route for locaton X to locatio Y".
It is only when I place the stop on a section with overlapping lines that I get the problem - but I didn't expect this to happed as they are part of different connectivity groups and the lines reflec the entire route - which network analysis returns an error for.
I have attached the network and map if anyone is interesting in having a look at this problem. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
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