(Again) Is this kind of �??summery�?� possible in the ArcGIS?

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(Again) Is this sort of �??summery�?� possible in the ArcGIS?

All the time we are required to summarize the data as shown in the following example.


Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4
1 S1 M1 K1
1 S2 M1 K2
1 S3 M1 K3
1 S4 M2 K3
1 S5 M2 K3
2 S1 M1 K1
2 S2 M1 K1
2 S3 M1 K2
2 S4 M1 K2
3 S1 M1 K1
3 S2 M1 K2
3 S3 M2 K2


Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4
1 S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 M1, M2 K1, K2, K3
2 S1, S2, S3, S4 M1 K1, K2
3 S1, S2, S2 M1, M2 K1, K2

It is obvious that the �??Field1�?� is taken as the �??Case field�?� while the other fields are filled with all non-repeated possible values separated by commas.

The table is attached (i think that this forum is not able to show the tables properly! why they don't enhance it?)

Thank you in advance for the help