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Deciphering the Language of Metes and Bounds

Question asked by bngale88 on Jan 30, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by billwillis
Hello everyone!

I am the GIS intern for the City of Lake Forest, CA, and I am having trouble deciphering the legal city boundary description, written in metes and bounds. The purpose is to check the accuracy of our current layer. I am using the traverse tool.

Here is the first part of the description:

     Beginning at a point in the existing boundary line of the City of Mission Viejo as created by ???Incorporation??? of said city, said point being at the centerline intersection of El Toro Road as established by Orange County Surveyor???s Map 77-3 and shown by map of Tract No. 9667 filed in Book 475 Pages 33 thru 39 inclusive of Miscellaneous Maps in the office of the County Recorder of said Orange County, with that certain course described in said ???Incorporation??? as ???North 16°11???38??? East, 406.15 feet???, said point being on a non-tangent curve concave Northerly having a radius of 1600 feet, a radial to said point bears South 04°03???50??? East;
     Thence, following along said existing boundary line per said ???Incorporation???, the following described courses: South 16°11???38??? West, 344.90 feet;
     Thence South 46°49???42??? West, 715.39 feet;
     Thence South 80°51???43??? West, 632.58 feet;

Ah! I think that I understand how to enter in the information regarding straight segments, but the non-tangent curve confuses me greatly. Can someone please help me figure out how to enter this information into the traverse tool dialog box? Here is a screen shot:


The left-hand side is the City of Lake Forest and the right-hand side is the City of Mission Viejo. The red dot is my starting point. Also, I am creating a line feature class instead of a polygon feature class because that is what I was instructed to do by ESRI technical support. We obviously did not resolve this issue and that is why I am posting in this forum.

I will appreciate any and all help that I can get. Thank you!