ArcCATALOG10:Using Table to Domain tool to create a domain from a  table for GBD Sche

Discussion created by ScottChang25 on Jan 30, 2012
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Hi all,
I bought a copy of book �??GISTUTORIAL3 Advanced Workbook�?� written by David W. Allen and Jeffery M. Coffey. In the last few months, I studied Computer Aid Software Engineering (CASE) and Unified Modeling Language (UML) and did the ESRI Tutorial "Designing Geodatabases with Visio 2007 in ArcGIS 10" to understand the creating of the geodatabases schema. Now, I come back to do the Creating a geodatabase, Chapter 2 of the book �??GISTUTORIAL3 Advanced Workbook�?�. I am doing its Tutorial 2-1, Building a geodatabase (from Page34 to Page 42): I have difficulties to do the first 3 steps (on Pages 42 & 43) of Create a domain from a table - please see the attached file for details.   Please kindly help and tell me how I can start the Steps 1 and 2 on Page 42 worked for me. 
Scott Chang