Adding FC to Intersect tool

Discussion created by Ernestocd on Jan 30, 2012
Problem Description:
The model generates output layers according user???s set parameters. Depending on these parameters, some tools generate outputs but other not (as shown in the attached graphic).
The last step of the whole process in to perform an intersect analysis of the outputs but the intersect tool fails since not all the input layers (the output generated from previous tools) are true (some of the input layers listed in the intersect tool have no record or geometry since they were not considered in the analysis).


As shown in the graphic, in this scenario just two FCs were processed in the previous operations due to the parameters set by the user. Still all the connectors need to be linked to the Intersect tool because if they are not, then they will not be added to the tool when they are generated.

Is there a way to add only those output layers into the intersect tool using variables? Should the merge branch tool be used?

Any help will be appreciated.