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Problems to customize address locator

Question asked by jecogeo on Jan 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by jecogeo
Hi all;

For a month I was trying to customize an address locator for arcgis 10. First of all I tried to work in the .xml template for version 10, but it seemed too complicated. So I'm working in the version 9 files (dct, stn, mat and lot) to create it.
After a lot of reading, trials, errors, sweat and whited hairs, the customized files finally works (when I say "works" I mean I was able to create it). Unfortunately the locator don't return any results when queried. In fact, I had results, but some records always stay out them. Thus I thought that the question resided in the .pat file so I made some configurations in a .xat file and encode a .pat in Standardizer Editor. Then every locator stopped working and the message "Initialization of match rule file failed" appear when I try to add the locator in ArcMap.
I look up the .lot, mat, stn files and all appear to be right, although it never work.
My demand is to search the streets not by your name, but by your code (like this 7878168, 1664 [coded name, house number]).

The mat file is too simple like below.
; @(#)codetxt.mat
; Codetxt match rules
VAR Codigo      1 20  S ; Coded Name
VAR LeftFrom   21 10  X ; Left from house number
VAR LeftTo     31 10  X ; Left to house number
VAR RightFrom  41 10  X ; Right from house number
VAR RightTo    51 10  X ; Right to house number
MATCH D_INT   HN LeftFrom LeftTo RightFrom RightTo 0.99 0.01 ZERO_VALID

I will attach the files, if someone can help me I was too glad, because i really exhausted my tries and I quite nervous of not finish this project.

Best Regards;
Jefferson Ferreira Ferreira