Expanding a grouping of points evenly

Discussion created by harlanestate on Jan 25, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2012 by harlanestate
I'm building grapevine layouts in Arcmap 10. I've been using the "label" feature to create points in this fishnet, and deleting the layout lines it creates to get my evenly spaced points. Does that make sense? Well sometimes the calculations are slightly off, and the grid is too small in one direction, or another, so I must go through the tedious process of stretching the whole grid as evenly as possible using the spacial adjustment toolbar and displacement links. Is there a tool that would expand the entire point grid at the same rate? Much like locking the aspect ratio, in MS office programs. Or what about a stretch in one direction? Like say my row spacing needed do be increased evenly between every row, buy my inter-vine spacing did not. I wish there was a method to readjust a fishnet once it had been created. Any advice? I attached a file with a little image to look at what I'm talkling about.

Thanks in advance!