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Geodatabase structure to Excel using python scripting

Question asked by amit.jadhav47 on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2012 by geochrispgis
Hello Everyone,

I am working one of the task which is maintaining geodatabase structure on excel sheet. My excel sheet contain column names like [ Geodatabase name, Feature dataset, Feature class, Discription, date uploaded to geodatabase, cordinate system etc]. Purpose of this excel sheet is just to maintain track record of feature classes added to geodatabase and giving simple overview of geodatabse structure. Currently I am doing it manually

My question is, is it possible to automate the process using Python programming ?  If user added any new feature class to geodatabase, then proccess needs to extract just name of geodatabase, name of feature dataset, name of feature class, and some other information like coordinate system, uploaded date (from metadata) etc and place this information to Excel sheet. I am not sure whether it makes sense or not, but it might help to speed up the whole process, manual process is very time consuming. (Click on the Image for example)


any suggestion would be great, thanks in advance