Mosaic color balance

Discussion created by dasmy004 on Jan 19, 2012
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I have to create a mosaic image of the coastal strip.
I have 20 images from Geoeye-1 acquired on 3 different dates.

if I mosaic images form the same date which cover smaller area the product image is good.

However when I mosaic all the 20 images I got very bad colors.

if I optimize the stretch for a specific area the other area get greenish or purplish.
if I set the stretch for the whole mosaic I get bad color all around.

here is the result ([ATTACH=CONFIG]11299[/ATTACH])
I tried all the available color balance methods available in ArcGIS but the result is always the same.

here is my methodology

1- create geodatabase
2- create new empty mosaic dataset
3- add images to the mosaic dataset
4- edit footprints
5- build boundary
6- build seamlines
7- run 'color balance tool'
8- generate overview
9- export to raster

is the problem in my workflow?
or the only problem is the different acquisition dates?

is there a way to fix the color problem?

thanks in advance for any reply or read,

Mohammad Dashti
GIS & RS Tech