SDE Geometry Problem

Discussion created by rechewjr80 on Jan 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2012 by vangelo-esristaff
We have ArcSDE 9.1 with Oracle 10g.  I just came on board with my organization and am having a hard time figuring out why some feature classes are not storing geometry properly.

I did learn that some feature classes were created with SDO_Geometry and some subsequent FC's were copied from the originals.  I checked the DBTune file and the default is set to ST_Geometry (please find DBTune file attached).  I tried a few tests as well by creating a new FC using the Default configuration and one with selecting ST_Geom.  The first fc upon editing stored both Shape.Area and Shape.Len however after saving the edits they "disappeared".  The other FC with ST_Geom, worked perfectly.  I don't want to select ST_Geom for every feature class created.  Any suggestions or possible avenues of research???