ArcGIS10:Using UML/CASE to Design Geodatabases with Visio2007-How to join 3 diagrams?

Discussion created by ScottChang25 on Jan 18, 2012
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I am following the ESRI Tutorial "Designing Geodatabases With Visio" for ArcGIS 10.  I struggled to complete (1) Create UML package and static structure diagrams, (2) Create featur datasets, (3) Create feature classes, and (4) Create relationship classes - see the attached file for the diagrams I got so far.  I don't know how to join the following 3 diagrams (Object, Feature, and Owner) as shown on Page 16 of the Tutorial:              Object: ESRI Classes::Object
                                         |                                                                                    |
                    ESRI Classes::Feature                                                                             |
                               |                                                                                              |
                               |                                                                                              |
                               |                                                                                              |
                            Building                                                                                      Owner

I tried to use the stencil "Generalization" - it failed to do the task!!!         

Please kindly help and tell me what stencil I should use to do "drag and drop" to join the 3 diagrams (Object, Feature, and Owner) as shown on Page 16 of the Tutorial.

Thanks in advance,
Scott Chang