Trouble importing GPS tracklogs with attribute data

Discussion created by kpzimmer on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by mtgis
Hello all,

I am trying to import some GPS tracklogs into ArcGIS. These files are in garmin .gdb format but can be converted to other formats if required. These data are to be used for bathymetry mapping so I need the depth attribute included in ArcGIS. I've tried converting them to KML and bringing them in by KML to Layer function, but that doesnt work as the depth only shows up in the Popup field.  I tried DNR garmin as well but still can't get the depth to show up. Any ideas on how to import these tracklogs or points to preserve the depth attribute. I've attached a sample of one of the .gdb files.

thanks in advance.