ArcGIS10:Designing Geodatabases with Visio2007.Where is  UML class in Visio diagram?

Discussion created by ScottChang25 on Jan 6, 2012
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Hi all,
Our Computer Administrator just installed the CASE Tools/UML Model files in my ArcGIS 10 (C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Desktop 10.0\CASE Tools\UML Models). In this CASE Tools\UML Models folder, I get a new Tutorial "Degining Geodatabases With Visio".  I started my Microsoft Visio 2007 (project name: scVisio-CASE-UML_1) to do "Designing the object model" (shown on Page 3), "Creating UML packages and static structure diagrams" (shown on Page 4), and I changed the name of both "Package1" and "Static Strucure 1" to "Domains" as shown on Page 4. I tried to do "Setting tagged values" on Page 5: Step 1, Double-click the UML class in the Visio diagram for obtaining the following:
-Flores : esriFieldTypeInteger
-Address : esriFieldTypeString   

I have a hard time to get this Step 1 done successfully.  Where is the UML class in Visio diagram?  Please kindly help and advise me where in my Visio 2007 project (see the last screen-shot of the attached file) I should do "Double-Click" to get the Visio diagram and "UML Class Properties" dialog box.

Thanks in advance,
Scott Chang