Map from Bing maps to Arcgis with coordinates

Discussion created by wlim002 on Dec 30, 2011
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Whether I am in the right thread I don't know. Apologies if not.

I do have to draw a map in Arcgis (Arcmap 10) and need to know how to import a base from Bing maps (with the coordinates in it). Also I do have some additional informations, in an Excel raster, which I don't know quite how to use. I have read several threads on this and couldn't make up a step by step approach from it. Be sure to put me on a real comprehensive link, if you think about redirecting me as an answer, which of course will happen. The France département 79, the deux sèvres, is what I must draw, for a larger project. It should have the main routes and secondary routes (Nationales etc.) amongst others. Does anybody already have a finished map of this, as a free resource, then plss Post it, The best is when it is a user generated map for Arcmap 10 which I registered with, so I can have some advancement on the project and so i do not have copyright issues. Once I'll have a satisfactory map I could actually take my time figuring out.