The calculated route is not correct ?

Discussion created by guillaume.remy on Dec 19, 2011
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I'm using ArcGis 10 with SP3.
I'm trying to configure a network analyst service using ArcMap.
I've created a geodatabase, and configured a network dataset.

I drag&dropped my dataset into the map, and I am able to visualize the segments and the junctions.
Then I created a new route, and placed 2 stops.

But when I try to calculate the route, it is not correct. Something is calculated, but the route goes not from my first stop to my second stop.

I've found, that if open the network analyst/options, 2nd tab, and I check the first checkbox (snapp to network, or should be something like this in english), then the problem is not exactly the same :
When I click on the map in order to place a stop, it is not located where I click, but somewhere else in the network. But then, when I calculate the route, it goes from start to end exactly (but not where I clicked.)

- You will find a screenshot ss attachment -

Can somebody give me some advises please ? I don't really understand what I missed.
Many thanks,