Arc 10 Is My Least Favorite Version, and this is why...

Discussion created by stubbler on Dec 8, 2011
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I have been using ArcGIS since pre-release, and I've never come across a version so buggy before.  There are so many problems with it, it's causing me to maintain an ongoing list.

I would hope an ESRI representative may look at these issues, if they haven't been brought up by other users already.

Crappy Things About ArcGIS 10


1. Can not read Excel files as Read-Only.
2. Often-times cannot import Excel or .csv tables into a personal GDB.
3. Text values of ID's in an external table are being misinterpreted as negative number values. (SS-24 is -213)
4. Takes forever to import a simple table into a personal GDB, and then, you discover that it never imports it!
5. Cannot drag and drop an Excel sheet to an ArcMap session, and the warning simply states that "Cannot do the requested action."
6. Cannot add an Excel sheet to an ArcMap session by Add Data, it states that it is in use, when it is not.
7. Will not import a table into a File geodatabase.
8. Sometimes a layer export in an ArcMap session to a geodatabase results in a feature class with a schema but no features.
9. Cannot export Table to Table.  "Does not exist or is not recognized".
10. Joining will not occur between tables of any format, even if the format of the field is identical with no empty characters.
11. The geoprocessing results will not specify exactly what the root cause of any of the above is.


1. Geoprocesses take way to long to begin, and way to long to process, it's difficult to know if it's doing ok.
2. Often-times I cannot calculate a field, with no explanation.
1. When you apply a definition query to the layer, it wipes out the entire complex label code I may have made and replaces this with a default field.  Even if all conditions are still valid.
1. Often-times cannot Export a Shapefile within an ArcMap session into a geodatabase as a feature class (at the root level in this case).
2. The exports, whether Printing to PDF or Export to PDF, is causing rasters to drop out. (old issue)
3. Print to PDF will just Cancel itself if any part of the application window is clicked.
1. Offsetting will sometimes create more than one offset symbol, even though there is only a single feature.


1. When tracing a new feature, ArcMap will give an error message that "An unexpected failure occurred" about the spatial index grid size being invalid, when it is not.
2. Sometimes copying and pasting features from one layer to another does not work, with no explanation.
3. Sometimes a editting template will not be created, with no explanation.
4. Selecting features sometimes does not work.  Some features will not be select by window-ing with the mouse pointer, unless they are selected with other features.
5. Cannot copy and paste features, especialling into the same feature class.  Always was able to do this before.


1. Spontaneous data disconnection!  LOL!  I thought I've seen everything.  I ran buffer on a single layer (which took awhile), then several other layers disconnected after it was through.


1. When opening an mxd, sometimes the wrong printable area dimensions comes up, then one must reselect the same dimesions, and it will correct itself.