Variations of lot sizes within a block (controlled by a map layer)

Discussion created by nici_h on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by timrob

i am currently working on a project and i've run into a problem which i couldn't solve yet.
I was wondering whether you might have any idea, how to handle the following issue:

The base of my project is en existing street network. Now i would like to generate lots. Therefore i created a map layer to control the lot size (lotAreaMin and lotAreaMax).

My problem is, that i have different land use types within a block whose lot sizes differ a lot. There is for example an industrial area with an average lot size of 1000 sqm and a residential area with an average lot size of 500 sqm within the same block. As i realised, CityEngine always takes the value (of the layer map) at the center of gravity of the block. Therefore i cannot model variations within a block. I also made a picture for the better understanding of my problem.

Is it possible to solve that problem by using a python script (which subdivides for example the block along the land use types borders and then generates lots automatically)? Or might there be any other possibility of which i didn't thought yet?

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