new geodatabase connection with Excel table

Discussion created by anja_eva61 on Dec 6, 2011
Hello there!

I woul like to display a monitoring of different animals in ArcGIS. A friend of mine does a monitoring as well and he puts the data in Microsoft Access. Then he creates a new database connection in the Catalog window with: Add OLE DB Connection -> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers -> his data source is Microsoft Access and so on. The advantage of this is, that you can just add a new observation in the Access file and the new point will automatically appear in the ArcGIS.

Now I have no Access and I would like to do the same with an Excel table sheet. I tried several times with *.xls, *.txt and also with *.csv tables, chose in the 'new data source' window the accordant driver but it didn't work. With one *.txt file I could manage a database connection. I did drag and drop in the Table of Contents. Then i clicked on 'Display XY Data' and there was the problem, that I couldn't just choose the northern coordinate for the X field. There was a whole line with all of my headers from the attributes separated by a comma, but all together (attachment). According to this my points appeared on a totally wrong spot on my map.

Has anybody a good idea or a hint what I could do? Or does anybody know if it would be theoretically possible to do a database connection also with an Excel table?

Many thanks in advance.