tricky question dealing with double selections & buffers

Discussion created by typ_tracker on Nov 27, 2011
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hello everybody and hi@forum.

I've got a tricky problem dealing with typhoon data management. I am working with typhoon tracks, lines and their split segments.

GOAL: Each segment of each track needs to be buffered with fixed radius (10,15,20,..km buffers) without overlaying after vertexes of the tracks and without overlay of the buffers over itself (10km over 15km buff)

APPROACH1: ring-buffer funktion of the whole track
problem: each segment has different windspeeds so i need to cut the ring-buffer of the whole track into segment pieces. not clearly possible since many tracks are crossing its path? Any chance to do this?

APPROACH2: regular buffers (sharp edged) with each width around each segment
problem: each segment-buffer has little overlay on the next segment in vertexes (could be worse). but more problematic: each buffer needs to be clipped with smaller buffers (20km with 15km buffer) but due to track-crossings there is no general clip possible.

MAIN ISSUE: I would need a double selection method (2 different shapefiles) in order to select the right buffer20km with the right buffer15km. I dont know if thats possible with modelbuilder since there is only one iterator allowed. Unfortunately I have about 9000 segments of 650 typhoon tracks so I cannot do this by hands.

I know its quite hard to follow, but I think a view into my attached typhoon_segment.shp should clarify it a little more.

Thank you for ur efforts and your help in advance :)