Symbolizing trees

Discussion created by mif4i on Nov 24, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by vcribbs-esristaff
I'd like to ask about symbolizing trees for Community Maps. For me it was obvious that Campus Base Map Template should have tree symbols. When I opened it it turned out I have only 4 species of trees (please check my attachment).
The question is if ESRI will suggest the symbology for trees? :confused:
I think it is important to create such symbology for all Community Maps Users in order to standardize tree symbols. It should be the most popular trees (deciduous and coniferous) at least. In this way we could adjust some different species to main tree symobogy. Now we have 4 symbols and no coniferous tree but as far as I know there is more species in the world :)

I've found interesting text about trees but is still doesn't solve the problem for all users.