Route Measure Errors

Discussion created by leslie on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2012 by bswindell
I am creating a route from 5 street segments, all digitized in the correct direction with no gaps.  When I create the route as one feature, it results with measure values "Strictly Increasing; Decreasing" and there are "jumps" in the measures.  I need to mention that this road loops upon itself and the anomalies occur where it crosses over its own segments.  I have tried everything - from separating the segments slightly and ignoring gaps, running each segment separately and then dissolving, running the segments separately and breaking them out into their own shapefiles and then trying to merge/union/etc.  NOTHING works.  Every time I zoom into the area where the segments cross over then the measure from one segment ends appropriately at 0.336 . . then picks up across the intersection with the adjoining segment at 0.216 and then increases from there.    I have also made sure that the start of the route at creation is at the beginning of each segment (manually clicked starting point with tool).  There are no issues with the underlying streets that I am using to create this route.  I am using the Route Editing toolbar in ArcGIS 10 with no additional scripts running.

I am attaching a .jpg of the route/street segments.

I'm hoping someone has come across this error and has a solution.