script works in IDLE but not as a script tool in toolbox

Discussion created by turnerkyle on Nov 17, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2011 by turnerkyle
Thanks everyone up front.

I have a simple script that works fine if I run it in IDLE, but not if I run it as a script tool in toolbox.
And, strangely enough, Arc says it runs successfully, but nothing actually happens to my db.

The parameters are set as follows:
name = db = workspace - type = required - rest are default
name = db_out = workspace or feature dataset - type = derived  - direction = output - Obtained from = db

Warning, due to my poor coding skills it runs VERY slowly if run in IDLE - maybe because it actually does something. Whereas, in Arc it finishes in about 2 seconds, probably because it actually does nothing.

(I'm trying to give you guys the files to work with, but ESRI says the zip file is too large, eventhough it's 1.3M.)
Anyways, hopefully you can figure it out with just the python code.

Thanks again. Cheers.