Problem Setting Parameter for Geoprocessing Service

Discussion created by melissatalley on Nov 14, 2011
I have a model which I'm publishing as a geoprocessing service and running using the geoprocessing widget in Flex Viewer.

I have an optional last step in the model which is to export the features to an ASCII text file. There is a Boolean variable parameter where the user can check whether or not they want to save a text file.

I also made the location to save the text file a parameter.

This all works fine from the desktop but when I publish it as a service and try to run the model I no longer see the parameter of where to save the text file. I can see it when I look at my services. It reads
Parameter: _date_userresults_txt
Data Type: GPDataFile
Display Name: %date%userresults.txt
Direction: esriGPParameterDirectionOutput
Parameter Type: esriGPParameterTypeRequired

In addition to not being able to see the option of choosing a save location I'm worried that I've set it up to save on our server and not on the user's computer?

How would I go about letting the user save this text file on their computer and being able to see this option when running the service. I tried to set up the widget using this as an output parameter and it failed.