Problem Sorting Geodatabase Table on Fields Longer than 255 caracters.

Discussion created by flahm on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by lshipman-esristaff
Has anyone notice a problem sorting a geodatabase table that is longer than 255 characters?
We have a rather long field, much larger than 255 characters, which we occasionally use to sort a file geodatabase table. 

When I try in sort this field in both catalog and ArcMap, I get an error screen stating:
"An invalid SQL statement was used. [SELECT REMARKS, OBJECT FROM HI ORDER BY SUBSTRING(REMARKS, 1, 255) ASC]" 

I attached a screen shot of the error.

I have added other fields at lengths greater than 255 and I receive the same error on any field longer than 255.  We did not see this error until moving our process to Arc10.

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