Standardize street name into two fields

Discussion created by per.angerud-esri-se-esridist on Nov 8, 2011

I'm building a custom locator for Swedish addresses and things are working quite fine. Unfortunately I have one problem I can't find any solution on. During standardization I would like to split one street name into two parts "StName" and "suftype" (variable names from the locator definition)

In Sweden the street name is commonly just one word, "Centralstreet", where "Central" is the "StName" part and "street" is the "suftype" part. In US the name would look like "Central Street" in two words. During standardization I would like to identify the two different parts of the name where the "suftype" part is recognized in an alias list.

In the locator file, under the "FullStreetNameForStandard", I try to devide the "StName" and the "suftype" with having a pre_separator = "optional" on "suftype" entry. The problem is that the "suftype" part is never reccognized unless the two words are written apart, like in the US (some street names have the two parts written apart, thats why I use value "optional" on the setting).

Not even if I set the pre_separator = "none" on the "suftype", the two different parts get reccognized (the street names with suftype written apart is still found which make me wonder if the setting has any functionality at all).

Do any one have solved this kind of problem? I attach my locator file and you can find the "FullStreetNameForStandard" definition starting on line 358.

Thanks for any help I can get!
/Per Angerud
Product Specialist
Esri Sweden