Too many towns

Discussion created by cameron.bouchard on Oct 25, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by withershin
I'm producing a map that is showing towns with labels. The data that I am using contains a classification for the towns with population ranges (6 classes). The class 6 towns are the ones with the lowest population but there are too many of them to allow for clear labelling. The map is full of town labels and I haven't even added hydrography (with labels) and transportation (with labels).

What I would like to do is only show about half of the class 6 towns, with no preference given to any of them. I have tried assigning random values to them and showing only half (even numbers) but the towns were not spread out spatially - which resulted in clusters that were still too close together.

I would really like to show only half of the points with a spatial dispersion that allows for clearer labelling. I'm not looking for text labelling solutions - I simply have too many points on the map.

Can anyone help with suggestions?

Btw, I'm using ArcInfo 10, if it matters.

I've attached little screengrab to show my headache.