New to TopotoRaster AND raster z values 5-30 feet off from contour values

Discussion created by christi_nelson on Oct 19, 2011
Hi there, I have a set of contour lines (2 ft interval) that I'd like converted to a raster elevation dataset.  I have clipped the the contours to a polygon feature class (that contains 3 polygons).  I ran the topo to raster tool (my parameters txt file is attached).  I went to QC the data, so I clicked on the contour line to get elevation values.  The contour values and raster values from the same point don't match.  How come? 

What parameter(s) did I set incorrectly? 

Further, my bounding area is the same as the polygon feature class used to clip the contours, but the raster output is not clipped to the polygons. Could this be the problem? Do I need to change my bounding area?  Do my polygons need to be multipart polygons?

Thanks for any and all help asap!