"vshost32-clr2.exe has stopped working"

Discussion created by rvinc on Oct 18, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2011 by rvinc
We are experiencing a problem when we run a custom mosaic tool under Windows 7. This error doesn't appear under Windows Vista or XP. It occurs with VS2008 and 2010. Basically, when we run  our mosaic tool eventually our app will pop up a window that says "vshost32-clr2.exe has stopped working". The window has two options: Close the program or Debug the program. The second option only shows up if you have VS installed. I've searched around and this appears to happen in lots of kinds a situations but none of the offered up solutions seem to stopped this from occurring. This error occurs on all of our Windows 7 PCs. Has anyone else seen this error? If so, do you know of a solution? See attached image.