SearchCursor causing ArcSOCP crush on ArcMap shutdown

Discussion created by mcorbin-esriuk-esridist on Oct 18, 2011
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I have been testing Python toolbox capabilities and I came across some kind of a bug with searchcursor.

In that tool user can choose whether to use standard SearchCursor or the one from arcpy.da namespace.

The problem is that after executing the path underlined with red

and closing ArcMap 10.1 after the tool has successfully completed I get 

As input for that tool I use a layer from a shape file. The error never occurs if i decide to execute the green path / DA module searchcursor.

Is there something wrong in my code or is there actually a problem in the cursor's implementation?

In the attachment there is the source code of my test project which exposes that problem.

Szymon Piskula