Okay to use OBJECTID field for relating tables?  Or use GUID?

Discussion created by kpzimmer on Oct 6, 2011
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I am trying to make a geodatabase that I can also edit within Access.  Typically when I've built databases in excel I've used autonumber field to create a uniqueID for each row and then used unique ids for relating tables together. I am now trying to build this is a database so I can view the data in ArcGIS but do most of the editing in Microsoft Access.  When I bring the tables into the geodatabes the unique id (which is an autonumber in Access) automatically becomes the ObjectID in ArcGIS.  This is fine except I'm wondering if it is okay to be using the ObjectID field to be relating relational tables or if I should be using a seperate GUID field instead and if so how do I set up a GUID so it automatically generates a unique id in ArcGIS and/or Microsoft Access. I've never used GUIDs before so I'm not sure how to best approach using them for this problem (if in fact they do work for this specific task)

The attached pic shows how my tables are set up in Microsoft Access using unqiue ids with autonumber format in Microsoft Access.

Thanks in advance.