NOAA Datacenter- opening .img file.  (Looking for a challege?)

Discussion created by GrizJohnson on Oct 6, 2011
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Howdy All,

I am trying to access some soil data from the NOAA. The website that I'm getting my data from is:

When I download the different file components and put them onto my computer the ".img" file defaults as a "Disc Image File" rather than the ERDAS Imagine file as I would expect it to. When bringing it into Arc10 it says that "the raster data set is invalid."  I have tried several other things to no avail.

I'm completed miffed on how to approach these files. I've attached them to this post if you would like to access them there, otherwise they are available for download at the website listed above. If anybody figures out how to view these in Arc and could let me know it would be much appreciated.