ArcMap Find Route Tool - Error Consuming Map Service (Cannot Setup Routing Service)

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Hi all,

I'm having issues consuming a ArcGIS Server Map Service (with Network Analyst enabled) using the Find Route tool in ArcMap. When I attempt to configure the Find Route tool to use the service it shows a 'Cannot Setup Routing Service' error message. I can't see anything within the logs either.

I'm new to NA so I'm a bit stuck as to what the fault is. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

My setup is as follows:

* I have a Network dataset in an ArcSDE 10 SP2 database.
* I have proven that the NDS in SDE works correctly by using it directly as input to the Find Route tool. In this case, the route and directions are produced correctly.
* My next step is to try to consume the NDS as a service. I have created an MXD by dragging the NDS from SDE into the map. I've clicked Yes , when prompted to bring in related datasets (i.e. junctions \ centrelines) and have used the Network Analyst tool to create a Route layer within the map. The route layer seems to be stored within the MXD and has a GUID data source. The map has no selected features \ resolved routes in it. I've then published this MXD as a Map Service to a local instance of ArcGIS Server 10 SP2 with the Network analyst capability enabled. I can view the REST end point and it shows a route method. But as soon as i try to consume the service in ArcMap via the Find Route tool it shows the aforementioned error.

Any ideas?