Solve OD cost matrix ??? Compute new field in « Line » objects table

Discussion created by Theo_E on Sep 21, 2011
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Dear all,
I am running several OD cost matrix analysis. Working with the "Lines" table output, I am wondering if it???s possible to add (or compute) a field during the solve process. By default the field names of the Lines table are:


For example is it possible to have a Name2 field that would work exactly the same as the Name field ? Or another field like OriginID that contains a values from the Origins table ?

Here???s my situation :
Origins and destinations are addresses (point features) of my city and have the same table structure :

« AddressID » is a unique address identifier. « NeighbourID » identify the zone (neighbourhood) in which the address point is located. My goal is to get the following « Lines » table after solving the OD cost matrix :

ObjectID/Shape/Name/OriginID/DestinationID/DestinationRank/Total_Length/OriginNeighbourID/DestinationNeighbourID/Name2 (see screenshot attached)

The only thing I found is the "add field to analysis layer" tool, but as far as I know it only adds field to Origins, Destinations, Barriers prior to the analysis.

Any idea ?
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