Upgrading ArcGIS 9.3 metadata to ArcGIS 10 wipes record

Discussion created by normmair on Sep 9, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2011 by UMRBA
Using the Upgrade Metadata (Conversion) tool I have been updating some of my metadata records (shapefile associated XML) from ArgGIS 9.3 FGDC to ArcGIS 10.

A number of times (not consistently) I have had the tool indicate a successful conversion has occurred, however what it has done is actually wipe some important content from my XML file and also insert a large quantities of alphanumeric values (tag <Binary�?�SourceMetadataSchema).  For example the tags that used to hold my Purpose (<idPurp>) or Abstract (<idAbs) are no longer present and any information that used to be in those tags is no where to be found.

I�??ve attached a simple metadata record from 9.3 and the upgraded one in 10 as an example.

Has anyone had this problem or know of a fix for it?


Norm Mair