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Once the FGDC metadata is UPGRADED to ArcGIS metadata, does the Geoportal still ???look??? in this location for the Content Type?
/Distribution Information/Resource Description/
Downloadable Data

It appears that it is looking somewhere else?

Background History:  When we implemented Geoportal v9.3.1.sp1 (in 2009), we chose to have every record display a true CONTENT TYPE by making sure the following xpath had CONTENT TYPE information in it:


We decided to manually populate that field of the metadata document with an appropriate CONTENT TYPE value.  The values written in that field would be one of the following:

Live Data and Maps
Downloadable Data
Offline Data
Static Map Images
Other Documents
Geographic Services
Map Files
Geographic Activities

At the time it was determined our records conformed to the esri-fgdc-definition.xml file.  That is the file where the Geoportal checked that xpath for resource type.

Currently, in version 1.1 and v1.1.1, when we Publish a record, All the metadata gets published with the ???Offline Data??? icon instead of the ???Downloadable Data??? icon, even though the FGDC metadata XML has been populated with the following:

/Distribution Information/Resource Description/
Downloadable Data

Do you have any ideas on how I can fix this? :confused:

I have included an example showing the last two records published showing-up as "Offline Data."  The rest of the records were brought over using the migration utility tool which ARE displaying properly with a Downloadable Data icon.