Help Deleting copied Feature Classes using Python Script

Discussion created by jeffja on Aug 31, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2011 by jeffja
I created a script that copies Feature Classes from ArcSDE (where I do not have editing access) To a location on my computer (where I do have editing access). The script uses a list to obtain specific feature classes from a SDE database. From the list I clipped those feature classes naming them  fc + ???_Clip???.

The problem I having is deleting only the copied feature classes that I no longer need. I have the outputs of both the copy and clipped feature classes residing in the same output location. It seems the best way to delete the copied feature classes is to use the arcpy.Delete management script. I???m just not sure how. While running, it fails every time at the delete part of my script. I have tried changing the delete part of the script with no luck. The syntax seems to be okay. The script is however incorrect for what I???m trying to do.  I would appreciate any ideas.

Attached is my script