Service Area Polygon Shapes Look Wrong

Discussion created by mikeymess77 on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2011 by jborgion

I am trying to create a single service area for a number of facilities using distance limits. I have run a number of tests and each time the polygons and lines created seem to be incomplete. The analysis seems to ignore some streets completely while not traveling the full impedance distance on other roads which creates very lopsided polygons. Why is this happening? I am using minimal parameters and my network is set up correctly.

I recently started using the tutorial data and network dataset downloaded as part of ArcTutor for my tests in case there is something else going on with my data and network but I am seeing the same issues. I have included a screen shot to help illustrate my issues. I simplified the analysis in the screen shot example. My impedance distance is 500 meters. Why are roads that are clearly within a distance of 500 meters from my facility not included as lines and not within the generated polygon?

Thank you very much from a stressed GIS Analyst with a looming deadline