Layer > Properties > Frame Tab > Background Color Cretean Blue ONLY?

Discussion created by KimberlySteele on Aug 16, 2011
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I am working with ArcMap 10 (Build 2800) on an XP machine. I have set my Layer Data Frame Color to a light blue. If I add data to a blank secession I do not have this problem. Only if I open an existing project my Data Frame Background color changes from NONE to CRETEAN BLUE. Please see attached. I have changed this setting manually several times but my change is not held in the template file Normal.mxt ...

1. All of my toolbars (if open, where placed, etc) saves.
2. No I do not have save in this document only checked.
3. I copied all the layers to an Untitled.mxd and saved as the same file name. Closed and re-opened, I still have the darker blue background....
4. It is not tied to a single project it is any project I open.
5. I am begining to think it is hard coded somewhere, but where?
6. I renamed Normal.mxt to OLD.mxt and opened a Project a new templae file was created but I still have the darker blue. It had no efect on the background color.

My Questions:

Where is this information saved? Where is it grabbing this information? Why isn't it saving in my template file.....
Please see attached document for a couple of screen shots.....

Thanks for any and all help.